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The Department of Environment Education has been established since 2005 with a mission to advance, evolve and enhance environment sciences for social well being. We strive for excellence in research, teaching and service, covering the fundamental as well as applied aspects of Environment Science. We wish to mentor and create environmentally responsible citizens of India to lead our country on green path to progress.

The Department offers two courses:

  1. Environment Education: It is a compulsory subject taught to the students of all streams.  
  2. Environment Conservation: Our dept. is first in tricity to introduce this subject with an aim to highlight the multidisciplinary nature of subject. 

It is an Elective subject introduced for Humanities students with interesting hands-on practical work and field surveys.

We wish to be harbingers of change in the current education system and the society.  The harmonious balance between man and nature needs to be restored and renewed by empowering the youth.

Knowledge is power.

About Us

We prepare students to excel in an interconnected world.

Curiosity and a love of learning are the best things we can instill in our students.

Our Curriculum

Our teachers are passionate about their students — and passionate about what they teach.

Are we right for your student? Contact us to learn more about our pedagogy, curriculum, or history. We’re proud of our school, and happy to share.

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